When it comes to Drywood Termite or Wood Boring Beetle infestations, the best solution is to eliminate them using a single treatment. There are plenty of control methods which claim to be as effective as fumigation, but none of them offers the same level of guaranteed protection.


Fumigation treatment, also known as structural fumigation, encloses your property with a tent and releases precise amounts of gas fumigant into the tent. The fumigant gas penetrates deep into the structure and hard-to-reach spaces such as attics, cracks and crevices. Once the fumigation technician has confirmed there has been sufficient fumigation time and exposure to exterminate every last termite or wood boring beetle, the tent will then be vented. Once the tent is thoroughly aerated, it leaves behind no surface residue, and your home completely termite-free. Check out the videos below for more information including "How To Prepare Your Home For Fumigation"


How Long Does A Fumigation Take?


For Drywood Termites: 3 Days


For Wood Boring Beetles: 5 Days