Home appraisal fees are often paid for at the time of closing. Why shouldn't inspection fees work the same way?


• Excellent option for home buyers and sellers limited on funds at time of inspection.


The Pay-At-Close Program allows home buyers and sellers to pay for their home inspection at the time of closing instead of at time of service. Home buyers and sellers that are either reserving on-hand cash, or hesitant to put large purchases on a credit card, now have a pay-later option to ensure a more comfortable experience.


1) Once the inspection has been booked, we will send an invoice for the amount owed.


2) If you choose Pay-At-Close as your choice of payment. You have two options. If you have the closing/title company information, you can enter it here (screenshot A). If you do NOT have your closing/title company information, you can select the "I don't have my closing company info", and your agent will be contacted to fill in these details for you (screenshot B). ** If Guardian doesn't have title information within 5 business days, we reserve the right to charge the client's credit card.


3) After selecting how to proceed with closing/title info, you can then sign the Pay-At-Close agreement at the bottom of the page.


4) There will still be a requirement for credit card information to be entered. Note that this is only used as a backup payment in the event that the sale doesn't close. An amount of 0.01 will be charged to the card on file for validating purposes only. No other charges will be made to this card as long as the sale makes it to closing.